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Living Well and Stress Free After Buying a Home

Take this moment to pat yourself on the back. That’s okay, give yourself some credit. Have you done it? Good. Well, that slight pat you just gave yourself is because you just finished buying a home – the days of moving, the months of searching and the years of saving have all paid off. So you most likely want to head to your couch, slouch to complete relaxation and forget that the outside world even exists.

But we all know it does.

Even though you may be less stressed after you buy a home, there are still things you need to keep in mind, or that you can do, to make your transition into a new home a smooth one. It’s easy to get carried away in the excitement, but don’t forget to check some things over and to get out there to enjoy the full potential of your new home.


Completing that checklist

Remember back a couple months ago when you started packing and organizing you compiled a list of things to do? Well it’s the time to complete it, or act like you were completing a checklist. Some of the things you’ll have to do once you move in can seem obvious and self-explanatory, but they can sometimes go undetected or you may have forgotten:

  • Updating your address: You may have already done this for major utilities, banks and the government, but there always might be that one company you forgot to add. This can be something as small as your newspaper subscription. Just double-check that you've changed everything so the new homeowner of your previous place doesn't receive all your mail.

  • Update your driver’s license: Similar to above, make sure if you’re moving to a different state (or province) that you get the new license and plates.

  • Changing the locks and being secure and protected: Unless the home is completely new, you don’t know what the previous owner did with their keys. They could have given extra copies to a friend or a relative. As soon as you move in, hire a lock smith to come to your place to change your locks. If you feel that you need a bit more security, then investing in a security system is not a bad idea.

  • Checking financial information: Unfortunately, buying a new home is expensive. Make sure you keep track of all the financial transactions that you have made. You might have to be a light spender for the initial months of moving into your new home – you don’t want to incur more debt than you already have.


Enjoying your new home

It can be a bit intimidating being in a new neighbourhood, and you and your family could be a little on the down side if you miss family and close friends from your previous home. But get out there and get to know your neighbourhood a bit more.

  • Getting to know your neighbours: You are going to see them a lot so you might as well get to know them. You never know, they could even evolve into long-lasting and valuable relationships. Just walk over and knock on neighbour(s)’s door and introduce yourself, or invite a group of them over from some burgers and drinks. If you have kids and so do they, introduce your children as well.

  • Join a club or recreational activity: If there is a community centre nearby, there are a lot of opportunities to join a club. Enjoy swimming, poker, bingo, badminton or tennis? There are a lot of options available to you and your family.

  • Invite your family and friends over: To celebrate this monumental occasion, invite the people you know over to your home for a nice housewarming get together. You spent so much effort getting the home, so now show it off! (In moderation, of course)

  • Easing the transition for your children: If you have children, take them on a little trip around the new city and the community. Check out the mall, parks and the school your child may be attending.

So congratulations and enjoy the time in your new home. It may be odd at first, but in no time you’ll feel comfortable and the stress from buying the property will begin to fade. Then that’s when the couch calls....

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